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One of Southend Flooring’s latest commercial projects was for property giants, The Yianis Group, based in Canary Wharf. We were asked to refurbish the entrance lobby of one of their large office units in Essex in just four days. With 50 metres of old flooring needing to be uplifted and removed from the site, it was out with the old and in with the new!

Assessing floor safety & design requirements

The first task was to assess the space and its requirements. When laying a new floor, you need to look at the base carefully. Many flooring companies will just lay a new floor over an old floor, but that can be a disastrous scenario! An old floor can have underlying damage you simply cannot cover up, which may just resurface through the next layer. At Southend Flooring, we always look at each flooring project in detail before embarking on the job, ensuring we’ve covered all safety and design requirements needed. We won’t leave anything to chance!

DPM services for flooring

Once stripped, the sub floor had a DPM (Deep Proof Course & Membranes) to stop ground moisture from reaching the upper surface of the floor. Damp in buildings can often cause serious problems, but this can go unlooked by many flooring companies. While not apparent in the first instance, these can cause trouble in the long-te rm, causing issues with damp patches, mould growth, and slip hazards. Rest assured, we always look at the job at hand and bear in mind the long-term damage solutions. We then added 3mm of self-level latex throughout, leaving a perfect mirror finish.

Providing the best LVT in Essex

The floor was then ready for the install of the new LVT (luxury vinyl tiles). This innovative design is perfect for a busy reception environment, as it is extremely hard-wearing and resilient to daily wear and tear. A scratch-resistance surface and extra waterproof topping means wet shoes and hardwearing footwear won’t penetrate through the durable surface. It offers the realistic effect of a natural product, such as stone or wood, but has none of the maintenance drawbacks.

When choosing the right floor for an office, it is important to factor in various variables, including the foot traffic and costs associated. We won’t allow the shine of a stunning floor to be compromised! So, to finish, we masticated a water tight seal and installed new coir matts. This ensured an extra safety net and long-term longevity solutions for the floor surface. We are proud to say the job was spotted by the manufacturer, and we received install of the month!

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