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At Southend Flooring, we always welcome a challenge, and know that sometimes a more unique approach is required. With just a two-day turn-around, we embarked on an office refurbishment in London with a twist! Situated in Holborn Tower, New Oxford Street London, our commercial client required a flooring interior that would complement its spectacular views across London.

Milliken carpet tiles for office

We began this flooring project by using Milliken carpet tiles, which works as the perfect foundation of a busy office environment. This is also ideal as it provides a floor covering solution which prolongs life of the carpet, offers extra underfoot comfort, noise reduction methods (improving acoustic quality), anti-microbial built-in protection, and ease of maintenance benefits. It is a long-lasting and easy-to-maintain carpet that will be durable through all those back and fourths to meetings!

At the forefront of carpet trends & style

Our client wanted to be a cut above the rest, so we turned to the cut! We are always up-to-date with the latest carpet trends and innovations, so we know that a never-before-seen pattern can really make a strong statement about a company. In an age of technological innovation, having a carpet that reflects this modernity is a trend, with more companies requesting bespoke flooring solutions that are both eye-catching and durable.

Making a great hand-cut pattern using a couple of different colours – black and off-white – we added a dimensional feel and modern flair to the office. A splash-like effect was created that weaved throughout the whole office, even the many office cubicles. Quirky and unique, we came up with a stunning solution that was very effective. We think this styling really reflected the on-trend aspect of the building, creating a bespoke space for both work and living.

Carpet experts in Essex & London

Indeed, we provided the quality, craftsmanship, design and service of towering proportions! Needless to say, another happy client.

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